KeepVid music tag editor

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KeepVid music tag editor

KeepVid music tag editor | 19.1 Mb

KeepVid Music Tag Editor helps you to add or modify ID3 tags, album artworks for your music collection automatically with Gracenote Media Database, and removes duplicates in iTunes/music library.

ID3 Tag Editor,
Fix Missing and Mislabeled Music Info
Correct ID3 tags like song title, artist, and more that are originally wrong or missing.
Add song title, artist, album name, genre, and others to the songs without ID3 tags from CDs or else.
Support batch processing 10,000 music files at one time.
Fix ID3 tags for both iTunes and local music library.

Music Album Editor, Find Missing Album Artworks in Batch
KeepVid Music Tag Editor finds and downloads beautiful album covers to enrich the listening experience on your devices. It can easily
Replace wrong album artworks automatically.
Add album covers for songs without covers from CDs, recording, and more.

Remove Duplicates in iTunes/Music Library
Duplicated MP3 or M4V files take up a lot of your valuable and limited hard drive space, but it's time-consuming for us to remove duplicates mannually.
KeepVid Music Tag Editor can intelligently identify duplicate songs and remove duplicates in batch easily per your needs.

System requirements:
OS: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP
iTunes 11 or earlier versions

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