Data Science with Python and R LiveLessons

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Data Science with Python and R LiveLessons

Data Science with Python and R LiveLessons
ISBN-10: 0134672623 | .MP4, AVC, 4000 kbps, 1280x720 | English, AAC, 64 kbps, 2 Ch | 9.3 hours | 19.07 GB
Instructor: Ian Stokes-Rees

Data Science with Python and R LiveLessons is tailored to beginner data scientists seeking to use Python or R for data science. This course includes fundamentals of data preparation, data analysis, data visualization, machine learning, and interactive data science applications. Students will learn how to build predictive models and how to create interactive visual applications for their line of business using the Anaconda platform. This course will introduce data scientists to using Python and R for building on an ecosystem of hundreds of high performance open source tools.

The companion Jupyter notebooks for these LiveLessons are available at anaconda.org/datasciencepythonr.

Skill Level

Beginner level for data scientists

What You Will Learn

Use Anaconda and Jupyter notebooks
Understand Open Data Science concepts, roles, and workflows
Wrangle data with Pandas
Understand Anaconda Enterprise and collaboration workflows
Create interactive visualizations with Bokeh
Use Conda package management
Use R for data processing and visualization
Build statistical and predictive models
Use Excel and Python with Anaconda Fusion
Understand and use Mosaic for databases with distributed data
Understand distributed and parallel computing with Dask

Course Requirements

Basic experience in Python programming
Anaconda installed. Python. Anaconda downloads are available for Apple OS X, Microsoft Windows, and most Linux distributions. Optionally, Anaconda Trial, which includes features in the paid subscriptions, is available for download.

Data Science with Python and R LiveLessons