Pronunciation Activities (Timesaver)

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Pronunciation Activities (Timesaver)

Pronunciation Activities (Timesaver)
2006 | 13 PDFs+MP3 | ISBN: 9781904720140 | 545 MB

Understanding real English and being able to communicate is key to students' success. There is a need for an up-to-date photocopiable resource which tackles pronunciation and listening comprehension issues in a realistic, non-contrived context. This book provides students with the skills they need to understand others and be understood.

1.TimeSaver Vocabulary Activities (Pre-Intermediate-Intermediate)

2. TimeSaver Grammar Activities Elementary (Classroom Photocopiable Timesavers)

3. Timesaver Cross-Curricular English Activities

4. Timesaver Read and React : Beginner - Pre-Intermediate

5.Timesaver Personality Quizzes - Elementary / Upper Intermediate

6. Timesaver Visual Grammar Elementary - Intermediate

7. Timesaver Picture Prompts

8. Timesaver Storyboard: - Pre-Intermediate – Intermediate

9. Timesaver Pronunciation Activities

10. Timesaver Games

11. Timesaver Drama in the Classroom

12. Timesaver Elementary_listening

13.TimeSaver Festivals and special days in Britain

14. Timesaver London