Elasticsearch Indexing

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Elasticsearch Indexing

ElasticSearch Indexing by Huseyin Akdogan
English | Mar. 4, 2016 | ISBN: 1783987022 | 108 Pages | MOBI/EPUB/PDF (True) | 7.45 MB
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Beginning with an overview of the way ElasticSearch stores data, you'll begin to extend your knowledge to tackle indexing and mapping, and learn how to configure ElasticSearch to meet your users' needs. You'll then find out how to use analysis and analyzers for greater intelligence in how you organize and pull up search results – to guarantee that every search query is met with the relevant results! You'll explore the anatomy of an ElasticSearch cluster, and learn how to set up configurations that give you optimum availability as well as scalability. Once you've learned how these elements work, you'll find real-world solutions to help you improve indexing performance, as well as tips and guidance on safety so you can back up and restore data. Once you've learned each component outlined throughout, you will be confident that you can help to deliver an improved search experience – exactly what modern users demand and expect.

Key Features

Improve user's search experience with the correct configuration
Deliver relevant search results – fast!
Save time and system resources by creating stable clusters

What you will learn

Learn how ElasticSearch efficiently stores data – and find out how it can reduce costs
Control document metadata with the correct mapping strategies and by configuring indices
Use ElasticSearch analysis and analyzers to incorporate greater intelligence and organization across your documents and data
Find out how an ElasticSearch cluster works – and learn the best way to configure it
Perform high-speed indexing with low system resource cost
Improve query relevance with appropriate mapping, suggest API, and other ElasticSearch functionalities

About the Author

Huseyin Akdogan began his software adventure with the GwBasic programming language. He started learning the Visual Basic language after QuickBasic and developed many applications until 2000, after which he stepped into the world of Web with PHP. After this, he came across Java! In addition to counseling and training activities since 2005, he developed enterprise applications with JavaEE technologies. His areas of expertise are JavaServer Faces, Spring Frameworks, and big data technologies such as NoSQL and Elasticsearch. Along with these, he is also trying to specialize in other big data technologies. Huseyin also writes articles on Java and big data technologies and works as a technical reviewer of big data books. He was a reviewer of one of the bestselling books, Mastering Elasticsearch – Second Edition.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Efficient Indexing
What is an Elasticsearch Index
Basic Concepts of Mapping
Analysis and Analyzers
Anatomy of an Elasticsearch Cluster
Improving Indexing Performance
Snapshot and Restore
Improving the User Search Experience