An Invitation to Mathematical Physics and Its History

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An Invitation to Mathematical Physics and Its History

Jont Allen, "An Invitation to Mathematical Physics and Its History"
English | ISBN: 3030537587 | 2020 | 398 pages | PDF | 8 MB

This state of the art book takes an applications based approach to teaching mathematics to engineering and applied sciences students. The book lays emphasis on associating mathematical concepts with their physical counterparts, training students of engineering in mathematics to help them learn how things work. The book covers the concepts of number systems, algebra equations and calculus through discussions on mathematics and physics, discussing their intertwined history in a chronological order. The book includes examples, homework problems, and exercises. This book can be used to teach a first course in engineering mathematics or as a refresher on basic mathematical physics. Besides serving as core textbook, this book will also appeal to undergraduate students with cross-disciplinary interests as a supplementary text or reader.