Molecular Therapeutics: 21st Century Medicine

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Molecular Therapeutics: 21st Century Medicine

Pamela Greenwell, Michelle McCulley, "Molecular Therapeutics: 21st Century Medicine"
2007 | pages: 265 | ISBN: 0470019174, 0470019166 | PDF | 1,2 mb

"This book should be useful to lecturers who teach senior undergraduates, graduate students, and students in the biomedical sciences in general.  More globally, Greenwell and McCulley's book should encourage academicians of any stripe who for some time have been honing their lectures in a niche subject area to turn their courses into textbooks." –Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education
Molecular therapeutics refers to the developments in molecular biology that are focused on treating disease with new molecular-based drugs.

By taking advantage of recent advances and increased understanding in the field of human genetics, this book provides essential background knowledge and key literature on a broad range of novel approaches and disciplines. These include making recombinant proteins, xenotransplantation gene therapy and therapeutic cloning. Molecular Therapeutics: 21st Century Medicine describes the techniques - including their associated benefits, problems, pitfalls - and discusses their applicability with respect to treating microbial, inherited, multifactoral and acquired diseases. The book also pays specific attention to the ethical issues associated with this new field.

- Cutting-edge topics and clinically relevant materials engage and maintain student interest

- Self-assessment questions are included throughout the book

- Features an additional web site, with a web forum, regular updates and PowerPoint slides of figures from the book

Molecular Therapeutics: 21st Century Medicine is a comprehensive, accessible and engaging guide to the rapidly developing field of molecular therapeutics. It is essential reading for all students in this area of research and also of interest for health professionals involved in these novel therapies.

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